Product  London gold           Gold T + D Paper gold Physical gold
Trading direction  Bidirectional operation           Bidirectional operation One way operation One way operation
Trading time  Full day trading           5 x 10 hours Full day trading 5 x 8 hours
Leverage ratio  100 times           About 12.5x No lever No lever
Capital investment  Low investment, only 1% capital investment           High investment, only 11% capital investment High investment High investment
Trading direction  Less investment, two-way transaction
Profit, 24-hour break-up
Easy, many trading opportunities          
High investment, short trading time
Continuation, stop loss cannot be set,
No night market on Friday
No leverage, high investment, only
Long, not short, investment week
Long term
No leverage, high investment, inventory
High cost, can only do more, can not do

Major VS. commodity currency pairs
"Prime currency pairs" and "commodity currency pairs" are the most liquid and widely traded currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. These currency pairs and their combinations (EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP) make up the bulk of all trading in the foreign exchange market. Because these currencies tend to have a large number of buyers and sellers, they tend to have the smallest bid-ask spreads.
    → Key currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Sterling/USD, USD/CHF
    → Commodity currency pairs: AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD
However, there are a number of other currency pairs available to keep you on top of macro events in specific international markets, such as USD/CNH (USD/ offshore RMB) and USD/MXN (USD/ Mexican peso).
Currency display list
By default, the quote window displays the most commonly traded currency pairs. To buy or sell other tradable currency pairs, select the "Goods" button at the top of the platform. This window displays all the currency pairs available for buying and selling. Click on the square next to the currency pair you are interested in trading, or uncheck the square next to the currency pair you are not interested in. The offer window will automatically update your selection.
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